Singing with Mostly Kosher at Disney

Singing with The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Samurai! Daycare as "Grandma"

Fruit of the Loom (funny ad)

IBM Duo Instructional Video

 Living Earth Documentary Trailer


    Crest 3-D White & Walgreens


       WNBC - JFK Parking Pass

   CBS - Under the Dome Promo


Rekindled Trailer - Pop Up Ad voice


    Remnant Knights VG Trailer


Supernova VG - as Vikka the sniper

My Reel

      Samurai! Daycare as Mom


Waste Management (singing)         


WM - Girly Talking Trash Can!            (in second half)

Fruit of the Loom (funny too!)

    AT&T U-Verse My AT&T app


Crest 3D White & Walmart